Hey Alisa, Well it was a hit. “Your cheese cake is absolutely THE BEST CAKE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD I love the whole idea of your system. It worked it perfectly. I think I need to tweak the temperature and time but that was it. Thanks for your system. I will recommend it to everyone I know who makes cheesecakes.
George, SC

I just wanted you to know PERFECTION is all I can say regarding the cheesecake pan!!! OMG! I made an Amaretto cheesecake and brought into work. It was gone in 30 minutes. It got rave reviews so I’m going to make another over the weekend and bring again and then tell them how your product is the answer! It was perfect!!!
Cindy, Canda

Hi Alisa, I love ‘the system’, the sleeve works great and the handles were wonderful for carrying everything to my basement fridge. We just had a peice of the gingerbread cheesecake last night and hubby says, yuppers, another great cheesecake! I love the pan protector, so much better than messing with foil, which has leaked time and again on me. Plus, the handles make it wonderful and easy to lift out of the water.  
Cassie Sue, OH

Hi Chef Alisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I’m thrilled with the perfect cheesecake system, and that I thoroughly enjoyed your video and recipes. Unsurprisingly, the cheesecake came out perfect with your system – it was the best cheesecake I ever made in fact. It was much easier to prepare as well, especially after watching your video. From it I learned all sorts of little things that I’ve done or not done that either takes more time that I need to spend, or contributes to my cheesecake cracking all of the time. Thanks again!
David, NJ

Hello Chef Alisa, I recently ordered your Perfect Cheesecake System and I really love it. It does exactly what you said it does.  
Nick, SC

Hi Alisa! I made two cheesecakes with the pan protector, they were great! I made one for a friend of mine who has eaten many of my cakes before, she said it was exactly the same! I have many orders for the holidays, thanks for keeping my pantry stocked with foil! Happy holidays to you as well!
Leandra, PA,
Plain Jane Cheesecakes

Alisa, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Made my first cheesecake with the new pan protector and it turned out just great. I used your cheesecake recipe and covered it with homemade lemon curd and ginger. Creamy and smooth and the top was as flat and level as could be. I filled the water bath right up to the lip of the pan and it really made a huge difference. The pan protector is better than advertised and the best money I've spent in a long time. I think it's going to make a good Christmas gift for a couple of my friends. Best wishes
Richard, AL

Chef Alisa, Very, very nice item. For the first time in my life I felt really secure about putting the pan in the water bath. With all the other little details that one has to remember about creating cheesecakes, it's nice to cross this one off the list. Thank you for coming up with a great solution! I'll be ordering another one soon.
Dean, NE

Hi Chef Alisa, I recently purchased your Perfect Cheesecake System. I am always searching the internet for new cheesecake recipes and new tricks in baking them. I had put your Perfect Cheesecake System on my "wish list" and finally late last year I purchased one. You had written such a lovely note, I just wanted to respond and let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. Again, thank you & know that you have a happy customer in me. Happy Baking!
Maggie, NE

I used your product for the first time last week and oh man......perfect cheesecake....no crack....perfect crust and a lot of extremely pleased co-workers. Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Adam, IN

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