This was seriously sooo easy, so delicious and so foolproof. The way it comes out if the pan is nothing short of miraculous! Thank you so much for your encouragement and emails. It was a joy talking with you! I can't wait to make another cheesecake! Thanks as well for the recipes!
Cyndi, MD

Dear Alisa, I have read the tips and already was doing them. All I needed was the sleeve to make sure of no water leak. I am on my third cheesecake today. It works great! Thank you for the great service. Gil
Gil, SC

Hello, Chef Alisa!  I should at least tell you that I've been working on perfecting my cheesecake for years. My girlfriend and her fiance have even requested one of my cakes as their wedding present. So a few weeks ago I started practicing ( I haven't made one in a while, so I'm a bit rusty). I wrapped the practice cake in aluminum foil (4 times!) and water still leaked into my pan. UGH! The cake was not totally ruined, but it was in no way perfect. I strive for perfection. So, the following day I set out to do some research on what people do to prevent water from getting into their cheesecakes. Whatever search term I put into Google led me to you! I read your website, looked at the product and thought, "genius! I must have this!" So, I ordered it. Because of the friendly card, which made me feel like you care about people's results, I am emailing you for two reasons: 1. to tell you how much I love the product and to say it really does work! And 2. To send you a few pictures of THE perfect cheeseckae! I also made the lemon curd and it was great! My mom used the words "home run"! Thanks so much and happy holidays!
Ani, VA

It's probably the best cheesecake I ever made!
Julia, WA

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