JBP_7790color-300x199Hi, I’m Chef Alisa, creator of Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware . As a professional chef and restaurant owner, I’ve been baking my own deserts at the Bistro and the Fat Cat Diner  for the last 20 years.  I opened my first restaurant in 1993 in Findlay, Ohio. It was important to me then as it is now to have fabulous, wholesome, home made desserts for my guests.  One of my favorites being cheesecake, and that’s where my obsession with the perfect cheesecake began.

As I’m sure you know, even we professional chefs occasionally screw up. I’ve made thousands of cheesecakes over the years, and I’ve ruined more than you can imagine!

The BIGGEST cheesecake disaster you can never prepare for or control is the one that happens the most…Leaking!
Here’s how it goes….I would set a beautifully prepared cheesecake wrapped in foil into my water bath to bake. (In case you don’t know what a water bath is- it’s the CHEF’S SECRET to getting restaurant quality cheesecake-I’ll explain more in a minute)

Then, I’d cross my fingers and hope for the best. Two hours later I would find that the foil had a tiny hole or rip which of course water logged my cake. I’d end up with a water soaked, gooey crust that I could absolutely NOT serve.  A waste of time and money!

You may have come across a cheesecake recipe that suggests that you put a pan of water in the oven with your cake so it won’t crack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

In case you’ve never heard of putting cheesecake in a water bath or in case you’ve never heard of a water bath as a cooking method here’s the secret: You have to actually submerge the cake into the water!

This means putting the spring form pan into a roasting pan and filling it with hot water as high as you can. The water bath keeps the cake a consistent temperature all the way through while it cooks gently and evenly. This is the chef’s secret to creamy, smooth cheesecake. It’s all because of the water bath!

Cooking it this way will give you 3 things:

JBP_7623-copy-300x199NO CRACKS (maybe you’ve made one that resembles the Grand Canyon with no way to fix it-very ugly)

Denseness and creaminess (ever notice the texture of one NOT made in a water bath-it is really, really grainy)

Superior restaurant quality (with the PCB you’ll make a far better one than that factory place for way less money)

Chefs know that baking a perfect cheesecake without a water bath is not an option.

Up until the creation of  Perfect Cheesecake Pan  Protector it really was a gamble.

Friends of mine refused to bake their precious cake in a water bath for fear of ruining it. They basically were settling for a grainy, inferior, sub standard not so fantastic cheesecake. So the “Leaky Pan Syndrome” has obviously been a problem for chefs and novice alike. It was out of my personal frustration that I created the Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware Pan Protector.

Everyone deserves to be able to make and eat the best cheesecake in the world! Since it has been such a help to me I want to share it with you!

You’re probably asking yourself “What the heck is the Perfect Cheesecake Pan Protector”?

Well, it’s a silicone sleeve that your springform pan (filled with your prepared cheesecake) sits in. It is then set into a roasting pan of hot water and into the oven to bake. It is water proof and has special components added to it to create the same heat conductivity as aluminum.

This is very important since silicone usually does not transfer heat. Have you seen silicone oven mitts before? You don’t get burnt because they don’t transfer the heat! For the cheesecake to be creamy it is very important for the silicone to cook just as effectively as foil. Otherwise you’ll have a grainy and cracked cake.

Here are other great features of  Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware:

• Handles for easy removal from the water bath pan
• Heat resistant up to 600 degrees
• Dishwasher safe
• Reusable…forever

• Flexible for easy storage

I’ve also included access to step by step videos of how to make the perfect cheesecake, Lemon Curd, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce and other recipes.  What I’ll teach you are the methods that make the real difference. Methods are why we culinary grads spent thousands and thousands of dollars in training. Plus you’ll not only save a lot of money making these sauces yourself, but you’ll dazzle your friends with your new delicious skills!

I’m committed to your success in the kitchen. With my expertise and knowledge guiding you through the cheesecake making process you’ll be baking them like a professional chef in no time!

Cooking with your family and friends is the perfect way to connect, spend time, and fun with them. Nothing feels better than being the office “Hero” by bringing in the perfect sweet treat… just because. I know you can do it! With the Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware your success is not only guaranteed….but