Thin Mint Cheesecake Recipe – made with your favorite Girl Scout cookies!
Caramel Delight Recipe
Enjoy your favorite Girl Scout cookie in a cheesecake!

Enjoy a Thin Mint Cheesecake recipe made with your favorite Girl Scout cookies! The cookie season came and went in a flash, along with the cookie stash! For those who have some of your remaining stock pile of Thin Mints, you can easily bake and joyfully devour a Thin Mint Cheesecake! Inspired by the Thin Mint cookie, the crust is made of chocolate and minty crumbles, with chunks of Thin Mint cookies throughout the cheesecake, then topped with a mouth-watering ganache. This combination makes for a great way to enjoy your favorite cookies!

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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies baked into a cheesecake!

Thin Mint Cheesecake Recipe

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Try our Lemon Smiles Cheesecake! Lemon goodness inspired by the Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookies. Crushed cookies make up the crust with tangy lemon curd throughout the cheesecake!
Cheesecake with a smile!

Lemon Smiles Cheesecake Recipe - Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware
Lemon Smiles Cheesecake Recipe - Perfect Cheesecake Bakeware

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